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  • How "Dakota & Friends" Came to be...

    This is our story, and we are sticking to it!

    RIGHT NOW, FOLKS, WE ARE OFFERING VIRTUAL PARTIES THAT YOU DO VIA ZOOM OR FACETIME!!! Contact Mr. Ed to book a Virtual Party! (More info below or call 704 223 0727)

    Mr. Ed, Dominic and Drew traveled in time!

    As curious students of History, Mister Ed, Dominic, and Drew wanted to visit the Renaissance Period. Something must have gone wrong with the Time Machine because they found themselves in the Late Cretaceous. There must have been a fire because they found many nests had been abandoned, and there were eggs lying on the ground unprotected. They gathered up some eggs and brought them into the future and that is where their first dinosaurs came from.

    This is our story and we are sticking to it!

    Dakota is born.

    Dakota the Dakotaraptor is our first dinosaur and will always be our favorite! 

    Not willing to leave well enough alone the three have traveled back many times, and have gathered more eggs and brought them into the future so that children can see the dinosaurs.

    More Friends Came Along.

    Trixie, Trey, and Trouble, the Triceratops triplets are too cute!!! (But boy do they eat a lot!!!!!)

    As the dinosaur troupe grew, we couldn't help noticing that some of these guys were super talented! We auditioned for some theatrical productions and were a big hit! Now Dakota and Friends does library shows,  sporting events, Festivals and County Fair shows all over the place! Sometimes you can even see a baby dinosaur hatch out of the egg with your very own eyes!!!

    Where We Are Now.

    We now have a plether of prehistoric friends and can enhance any event with our:

    DISPLAY- Based on your needs and budget we can set up an awesome display of dinosaurs, fossils, and other interesting things that folks love to see.

    SHOW- Dakota and Friends does a fantastic dinosaur themed show that gets rave reviews. Dinosaur songs, dinosaurs dancing, and a baby dinosaur hatches from it's egg!

    STROLLING DINOSAUR- Our "Walking" Dinosaur, our "Shoulder" Dinosaur, our cute baby T. Rex and others can wander around and interact with folks and provide great photo ops!


    Dakota and Friends now performs all over the USA at parties, business events, museums, libraries, county fairs, sports games, fundraisers and much more.


    Thank you for reading and please contact us at dinosaurguy007@gmail.com when you're ready to host us at your next event!

    A few of the venues Dakota and Friends has been featured at:

    Racing Wives on CMT

    Pitt County Fair

    NC Mountain State Fair

    Lexington Barbeque Festival

    NC Zoo


    Discovery Place


    Charleston Riverdogs

    Sunshine House

    Charlotte Latin School


    Chowan Regional Fair

    Lee County Fair

    Haywood County Fair

    Wayne County Agricultural Fair

    Rowan County Fair

    Lenoir County Fair

    Maryland Fairy Festival

    Bowling Green Hot Rods

    Kane County Cougars

    Charleston WV Library System

    Charleston SC Library System

    Charlotte NC Library System

    Kannapolis Intimidators

    Greensboro Grasshoppers

    Jeff Gordon's Children's Hospital

    Levine's Children's Hospital

    Steel Creek Library

    Omimeo Charlotte

    Hickory Crawdads

    Regal Theatres

    Got To Be NC

    Fort Fisher Aquarium

    ...and many other places!

  • Why Choose "Dakota & Friends"?

    We offer a service that no one else has!

    We're Unique!

    Dakota and Friends can give your event something that no one else offers. Our life-like dinosaurs will leave kids of any age with the feeling that they actually spent time with these prehistoric wonders! Our one of a kind dinosaur show let's folks see a baby dino hatch from it's egg!

    Cost Effective

    For Fairs, Festivals, Schools, Corporate events or just a birthday party for a kid who really loves dinosaurs, we offer the best value for your money. We can bring the museum to you for a fraction of the cost of a museum visit.


    A lot of teachers and other educators ask us if we are educational. The answer is Yes!,...(but don't tell the kids!) We sneak our education in, in a way that the kids don't even feel it. We understand that if the kids are laughing and having fun we can teach them without them even knowing it happened! Our programs are based on whatever level the audience is at. Whether it's preschools or high school young adults, we have an educational program for any grade level.

    Custom for You

    Every single party and event that Dakota and Friends attends is different. As such, we'll work with you to find the most creative and unique solutions to ensure that everyone has a great time! If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen! Tell us your dream, we'll help make it a reality! Making dreams come true is what we do!!!

  • Dakota & Friends is Perfect for...

    (Contact dinosaurguy007@gmail.com to book us now!)

    We do birthday parties like nobody else can!

    Dakota and Friends specializes in making a child's birthday party one that they will remember for the rest of their lives! 

    Birthday Parties

    Baseball, hotdogs, Apple pie, and dinosaurs. 

    From The Binghamton Rumble Ponies, to The Salem Red Sox, we can turn your Park into a "Jurrasic Ballpark"!!!

    Ball Games

    For true dinosaur aficionados! 

    We treat formal affairs with respect and dignity. Let us enhance your special day in a unique way!


    We can make your team remember your event for 65 1/2 million years!

    We have stolen the show at some big corporate events! Show your people you care, and hire the best dinos in the business!

    Corporate Events

    Summer Reading or anytime, our dinosaurs help kids read!

    We do a LOT of library programs! Ask us about special pricing for libraries! 

    Library Programs

    We can help you draw a crowd to your Fair or Festival

    Kids love dinosaurs. Having Dinosaurs at your event is a sure way to get kids to want to be there.

    Fairs and Festivals

    Our large T Rex float is ready to go! We can also customize your float with our dinosaurs!

    From huge Parades like the Thanksgiving Day Parade here in Charlotte, NC to The Veterans Day Parade in Wallace and many, many others.


    Dinosaurs enhance any event! Let us help you make your event one they will remember!

    You name it!

    We visit a LOT of preschools and Daycares. Special programs for little ones! 

    Preschools and Daycares
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  • Pricing

    Dakota and Friends is the most memorable, educational and unique entertainment around! Contact dinosaurguy007@gmail.com to reserve your space today (subject to availability).


    We travel anywhere. A modest travel fee may apply. Ask for details depending on your location.

    Virtual Dinosaur Party!

               Due to the current situation, we are offering the virtual parties that you can do via Zoom or FaceTime! We customize a party the suit you! It's a great gift for anyone whether it's for a birthday a graduation or just to brighten someone up!!! We can do this for any price you want. Whether it's $100 or $1,000 Dakota and friends always gives you more than your money's worth. Contact Mister Ed or anyone on the dino team to book your Virtual Dinosaur Party!

    Birthday Package Silver $599

    • One Hour Visit
    • One Walking Dinosaur
    • One "Ride-on" Dinosaur 
    • Several Puppets
    • A Whole 'Lotta Fun

    Birthday Package Gold $799 (Popular!)

    • Up to Two Hour Visit
    • One Walking Dinosaur 
    • Two "Ride-on" Dinosaurs
    • Volcanic Activity 
    • Dino Games
    • Several Puppets and a Wonderful Marionette

    Birthday Package Platinum $999 (The Total $799 Package) Plus...

    • 13 Foot Animatronic Dinosaur
    • Best Value

    Birthday Party Upgrades

    You can add any one or more of our Birthday Party Upgrades to your party! Just let us know what you would like!

    Birthday Party Upgrades

         -Additional ride on dinosaurs...                         each $100 

         -3 meter animatronic T. Rex 

         -4 meter animatronic                                     Triceratops                                                   $499

         -5 meter animatronic Stegasaurus or Carnotaurus

             Dinosaur Balloon Animals
    Up to 10 children each get their own dinosaur balloon animal! ...additional kids only $10 ea.

    Make a deal?

    Have some different ideas? Want to trade out your goods/services for ours? Are you a not-for-profit? We're reasonable. Pitch us your idea and we'll work something out! :-) 


    Fair & Festival Package

    $1000 per day*

               *plus travel and hotel

    Egg Hatching Show every 2 hours or so

    Walking Dinosaur (approx 13' long)

    3 baby dinosaurs


    Fair and Festival Package $2000 per day*

          * plus travel and hotel 

    Everything in the $1000 package plus...

    One 3 meter animatronic dinosaur

    One 4 meter animatronic dinosaur

    Fossils for folks to see (covers 8' table)

    Dinosaurs for photo ops


    Fair and Festival Package $3000 per day*

               *plus travel and hotel 

    Everything in the $2000 package plus...

    One 5 meter animatronic dinosaur

    "Dissection of a Dinosaur" where we put gloves and masks on the kids and "dissect" a dinosaur. This fun and interactive activity leaves kids kid all ages with a great lesson.

    One additional animatronic dinosaur (3 or 4 meters depending on availability)

    More fossils to show folks (3 times the fossils on our $2000 package!)

    Additional baby dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs that can be sat on for a photo op

    Dinosaurs that can give a short ride (we need a hard, flat surface otherwise we just do photo op with these)

    Additional backdrops and camouflage for staging. 

    Lighting set up for nighttime or indoor displays

    Parade Package $999 per event*

               *plus travel and hotel

    We can bring our large T. Rex Trailer that has a head on one end, a tail on the other, and you never know where the hand will show up!

    We can also customize one of your floats with our dinosaurs!

    Price is per float per parade or event
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