• Can You Imagine...

    Having your very own group of dinosaurs at your next birthday party, neighborhood get together, public event or business promotion around Charlotte, NC, and the Carolinas?


    Now you can with "Dakota & Friends." Scroll down to find out how!

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  • How "Dakota & Friends" Came to be...

    Mr. Ed had an idea!

    Mr. Ed was working as an exhibit interpreter at the NC Zoo and volunteered to do a "road show" for the zoo as a puppeteer. As a result of his hard work, Mr. Ed was awarded a puppet to keep, whom he named "Baby T." Mr. Ed enhanced Baby T and started to perform at events all over Charlotte. He absolutely loved what he was doing and began to think bigger...

    Dakota is born.

    In his spare time, Mr. Ed built larger dinosaurs that he could walk in and happened across a lifelike "Deinonycus" (that's what type of dinosaur Dakota is) and enhanced the suit from head to toe. Mr. Ed made public appearances with Dakota and they became an instant hit! As a result...

    More Friends Came Along.

    Mr. Ed still steadily worked to improve Dakota and Baby T and the word about the dinosaurs began to spread. To help grow the experience further, Mr. Ed decided to "rescue" broken dinosaurs (like the Triceratops triplets seen here). Now "Dakota & Friends" was well on its way to becoming a household name! But that's not the end of the story. Why don't we explain...

    Where We Are Now.

    The entire "Dakota & Friends" (D & F) experience now features six different dinosaurs, exploding volcanoes, natural habitats for the dinosaurs and much more.


    Mr. Ed also continues to "rescue" more "broken" dinosaurs and fixes them up to grow the D & F puppet family and the overall experience that we provide.


    D & F now performs all over the Carolinas at parties, business events, museums, sports games, fundraisers and much more.


    Thank you for reading and please contact us at info@dinoparties.com when you're ready to host us at your next event! 

  • Why Choose "Dakota & Friends"?

    First of all, why not? :-)

    We're Unique!

    Ever seen an alien? No way. Ever seen a live dinosaur party? Nope...not unless it was us. That's because we're the only gig in town and no one can provide the highly engaging experience that we can.

    Cost Effective

    We offer price breaks for bigger parties and events (for the absolute best family friendly entertainment in town mind you). You've seen magicians, caricature artists, clowns and moonbounces but we're about the same price with a lot more unique entertainment value.


    Are "Dakota and Friends" wildly entertaining? Absolutely. Will everyone love the dinos? You bet your britches. More importantly though, both kids and adults alike will learn a significant amount from the fun, interactive experience. You'll leave smarter. Guaranteed!

    Custom for You

    Every single party and event that D& F attends is different. As such, we'll work with you to find the most creative and unique solutions to ensure that everyone has a great time! If you can dream it, we will make it happen to guarantee your happiness.

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    Birthday Parties

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  • Pricing

    D & F is the most memorable, educational and unique entertainment around Charlotte, NC. Contact info@dinoparties.com to reserve your space today (subject to availability). 


    We travel anywhere. A modest travel fee may apply. Ask for details depending on your location.


    • One Hour Visit
    • One Walking Dinosaur
    • One "Ride-on" Dinosaur 
    • Several Puppets
    • A Whole 'Lotta Fun

    $799 (Popular!)

    • Up to Two Hour Visit
    • One Walking Dinosaur 
    • Two "Ride-on" Dinosaurs
    • Volcanic Activity 
    • Dino Games
    • Several Puppets and a Wonderful Marionette

    $999 (The Total $799 Package) Plus...

    • 13 Foot Animatronic Dinosaur
    • Best Value

    Make a deal?

    Have some different ideas? Want to trade out your goods/services for ours? Are you a not-for-profit? We're reasonable. Pitch us your idea and we'll work something out! :-) 

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